The 9 Steps to Reframing- Maya de Vries




Reframing is a communication technique that has origins in traditional therapy and it also forms an important part of NLP. Provocative therapy uses reframing with an emphasis on humor. Exactly when and how to bring reframing into a session can be tricky and Maya de Vires uses her intuition to guide her.

To train others in learning to reframe, she studied Gary’s videos and extracted 4 steps to the process. She refined and expanded the steps with Gary’s input and here she teaches the 9 Steps to Reframing.

  • Reframing for Yourself
  • Acknowleging the Client
  • The Writing on the Client’s Walls
  • Conflict: Logical & Emotional Mind
  • Power Resources in the Past
  • Perspective
  • Forgiveness & Acceptance
  • Power


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