Emotional freedom techniques

EFT Workshops

Healing The Addicted Heart Workshop

In this 3 day training we will explore and demonstrate revolutionary methods for healing the addicted heart, mind and body through the very practical 5 Stages of Transformation….

Opening to Love with EFT Workshop

This workshop explores the link between love and personal power – with love, anything is possible… We can’t get away from relationships – everything in life involves them whether they are with ourselves, lovers, friends, colleagues, family, community, the universe….

Transforming the Effects of Trauma with EFT

Over two days we will be teaching and demonstrating IET and Heart-based EFT for the treatment of trauma, including sexual abuse. We will be sharing their in-depth EFT knowledge as well as their innovations and latest developments….

Weight Loss and Self Image Workshop

Join us for a fun and focussed day which will transform your relationship with food and your body forever. In this workshop you will discover how to release stress and food cravings with EFT….

Tapping and Time Travel Workshop

IET (Integrated Energy Techniques) and EFT are a blend of the most effective techniques for change available today. First and foremost, however, it is an attitude or state of mind….

Approaches To Health With EFT

Over two days we will be teaching and demonstrating IET and heart centered EFT for the treatment of physical issues and serious disease. We will be sharing our in-depth EFT knowledge as well as our innovations and latest developments….

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