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Talk about EFT is a  FREE monthly one hour mini-series where our expert Practitioners discuss the most requested topics from our Mentoring days.

Each presenter is highly experienced in their field and we hope that these sessions will give both practitioners and students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and insight in these important areas.

All sessions run on Zoom from 6 – 7pm GMT/BST. To reserve your FREE place please book below (please note numbers are limited to max 100 attendees).  If you book but can’t make the live session please can you let us know asap as we have waiting lists.

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EFT & Groups – Pernille Hildorf

Monday 3rd June 2024

Pernille Hildorf is a Mindfulness Mentor, who has trained and qualified in different modalities including EFT, Bach flower remedies and as a Reiki Master/Teacher, and is a former school teacher.

Pernille will in this talk share her experience on working with EFT & Groups. She has in the last 7 years run a monthly public EFT & Mindfulness group session at her local library in South East London. She also run regular EFT group sessions for smaller groups both face-to-face and online.

Over the years she has run group sessions for Nursery Staff, Primary School classes, Dance teachers, a Community Centre for senior citizens, groups at Wellness festivals, L & Q Group staff etc.

Monday 3rd June 2024 Book here

EFT & Procrastination – Melanie Moore

Monday 15th July 2024

Melanie Moore is an EFT Practitioner and life and mindset coach. She is the founder of the Tapping Into Your Big Vision Members Community and host of the show Tapping With Mel. Procrastination is a common challenge that affects individuals in various aspects of their lives. In this presentation, I will discuss the profound impact of procrastination on our day-to-day lives, its implications for business owners, and its role in hindering personal growth and pursuing dreams. Moreover, I’ll equip you with valuable insights and techniques to help you identify and assist your clients in overcoming procrastination.

Procrastination in Day-to-Day Life: We’ve all experienced the frustration of putting off important tasks or delaying decisions. Procrastination not only wastes valuable time, it also adds unnecessary stress to our daily routines. During this talk, we’ll explore the underlying causes of procrastination and uncover practical EFT techniques to overcome it, empowering you to guide your clients in reclaiming their productivity and peace of mind.

Procrastination in Business: As business owners and entrepreneurs, procrastination can be detrimental to our clients’ success. It can lead to missed opportunities, delayed projects, and increased stress. I’ll share effective strategies specifically tailored to the entrepreneurial mindset, enabling you to recognise procrastination patterns in your clients and provide them with the tools to take decisive action towards their business goals.

Procrastination in Pursuing Dreams: Many of our clients have dreams and aspirations they yearn to achieve. Yet, procrastination often stands as a barrier,
preventing them from taking those crucial steps. During this talk, we’ll explore how EFT can be a powerful tool in helping you identify procrastination issues in your clients and guide them in aligning their energy, focus, and intention with their dreams, empowering them to pursue their desires with unwavering determination.


Monday 15th July 2024 Book here

EFT for Bereavement/Grief – Penny Waite

Monday 5th August 2024

‘Grief is the price we pay for Love’ (the late Queen Elizabeth).

This talk refers to helping to yourself and others to grieve and move forwards after losing someone or something we love.

Having experienced grief and written about it, Penny says this talk is about 7 energies we can consciously use to help us move forward through grief. Grief is a process – we have to go through. However, we can use modalities such as EFT to help us come to terms with it and find a new ‘normal’.

These 7 energies are: Surrender, Acceptance, Permission, Choice, Gratitude, Forgiveness and Love.

Mobile: 07976396076
Email: penny@pennywaite.co.uk
Website: www.pennywaite.co.uk

Date: Monday 5th August 2024 6 – 7 pm Book here

EFT & Performance Anxiety – Jane Sinclair

Monday 7th October 2024

Jane started playing the violin when she was 8 years old and loved it enough to know after a couple of years that this was all she wanted to do.
There followed a series of competitions for a couple of years. Then it was 3 years of music college.

She has been playing professionally for just over 40 years and for the first 20 suffered with Stage Fright. She briefly tried CBT and Hypnotherapy but not for long enough so it had no effect.

One day a friend of hers said he’d just trained to be an EFT Practitioner and needed to practice.

They spent nearly 6 months working together,using EFT, at the end of which Jane was free from this debilitating condition.

That was about 20 years ago and it hasn’t come back. Sometimes, if she pushes herself out of her comfort zone she says ‘I may feel nervous but it doesn’t affect me and it disappears quickly.’

Jane now offers musicians, actors and anyone who has to give a performance, performance anxiety therapy and however long it takes, it always works.

For more information email Jane at: jane-sinclair@sky.com

Monday 7th October 2024 6 – 7 pm Book here

EFT & Eating Disorders – Emily Andrew

Monday 28th October 2024

Emily Andrew is an Advanced EFT Tapping Practitioner and Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist specialising in eating disorders and disordered eating, with a background in fitness and performing arts.

At 21 Emily was hospitalised and given a few months to live due to her eating disorder behaviours which spanned over a decade in total. After being discharged from services at 24 she has gone on to fully recover, train as an eating disorder practitioner and integrate her lived and learnt knowledge to support others alongside her work with EFT and Hypnotherapy.

Emily runs workshops, awareness training and tapping circles, guests at retreats, festivals and events as well as holding space 1-1 with clients and mentoring for food issues.

Monday 28th October 2024 Book here

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