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Talk about EFT is a  FREE monthly one hour mini-series where our expert Practitioners discuss the most requested topics from our Mentoring days.

Each presenter is highly experienced in their field and we hope that these sessions will give both practitioners and students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and insight in these important areas.

All sessions run on Zoom from 6 – 7pm GMT/BST. To reserve your FREE place please book below (please note numbers are limited to max 100 attendees).  If you book but can’t make the live session please can you let us know asap as we have waiting lists.

All The Talk About EFT Presentations Are Available To Watch Here

EFT & Addictions – Sue Beer

Monday 4th March 2024

On March 4th our very own Sue Beer will swap her introducer’s seats to present EFT and Addictions. Addictions are the 21 st century epidemic from alcohol, food and drugs to blame, shame and guilt, to social media and sex, addictions big and small can affect us all.

Sue will share with us an overview of current thinking, and a 3 step outline for working effectively with EFT in this area.

Sue Beer is an EFT Founding Master and co-founder of The EFT Centre. She is the author of ‘Healing the Addicted Heart: 5 Stages of Transformation with EFT’ and ‘Step by Step Tapping’ with Emma Roberts.

Monday 4th March 2024 Book here

EFT & Children – Emma Arden

Monday 8th April 2024

I’m Emma from Ela Nedra Health. I’m an Advanced EFT practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher and multi skilled healing therapist with over 20 years’ experience. I’ve trained all over the world in a variety of body work and talk therapy techniques including Colon Cleansing, Herbal Detoxing, Thai Yoga Massage in Thailand and Reiki in Japan.

I’m passionate about healing all the parts of ourselves. It took me some time to connect with being ‘Neuro Divine’, and I always felt different for having OCD and Dyslexia. I now realise it’s my superpower, allowing me to see the world in a different and beautiful way. Working with children, and being able to empower them using EFT is like a love poem to my own inner child who struggled with navigating the world.

I’m passionate to be able to share EFT with children and teachers so they can soothe themselves from stress, anxiety and overwhelm. I’ve collaborated with Beam Academy to deliver a one-day EFT Tapping workshop. It’s designed for adults to teach kids how to tap into their inner strength, and believe in themselves. We know that confidence is key to success, and our aim is to equip as many children as possible with the tools they need to conquer any challenge.

We also go into schools and deliver Tapping workshop for teachers and the children of all ages. Tapping can help children navigate anxieties stemming from A.C.E.’s in addition to those related to transitions and school work, including exams. I’m on a mission to get EFT to as many kids as possible!


Monday 8th April 2024 Book here

EFT & Colour Therapy – Lucy Renshaw

Monday 13th May 2024

Step into a realm where the physical meets the metaphysical with our energy medicine practitioner, Lucy Renshaw from A Colourful Journey, specialising in the
creative and healing powers of colour therapy.

Lucy alchemises colour energy with EFT tapping, IET, Reiki, aromatherapy and multi-sensory creativity.

Bridging the realms of science and spirituality seamlessly, she delves into the intricate tapestry of the energetic body, and its connection to the quantum field, using color as a tangible tool for transformation and healing.

Everything is energy.

We are energy.

Every colour has a different wavelength that correlates to the unseen energetic body.

Colour frequency can be used to align, balance and heal every aspect of emotional, mental and physical health.

In this talk Lucy will explain how, by working, in sequence, through the energy centres from root (red) to crown (violet), and beyond, using colour Frequency as a
guide, you can efficiently reach root issues, to release strong emotions such as, fear and shame leaving no stone unturned.

Lucy works with clients 1-1 and also runs dynamic group programmes, circles and retreats, both online and in person from her rural home in Derbyshire.

She also extends her enthusiasm, passion and expertise to help young people, struggling with mental health, using colour as a guide to teach tools for emotional
regulation, mind-set, and activate creativity.

Please join her to share the life knowledge of colour and unlock the vibrant spectrum of possibilities within.




Monday 13th May 2024 Book here

EFT & Groups – Pernille Hildorf

Monday 3rd June 2024

Pernille Hildorf is a Mindfulness Mentor, who has trained and qualified in different modalities including EFT, Bach flower remedies and as a Reiki Master/Teacher, and is a former school teacher.

Pernille will in this talk share her experience on working with EFT & Groups. She has in the last 7 years run a monthly public EFT & Mindfulness group session at her local library in South East London. She also run regular EFT group sessions for smaller groups both face-to-face and online.

Over the years she has run group sessions for Nursery Staff, Primary School classes, Dance teachers, a Community Centre for senior citizens, groups at Wellness festivals, L & Q Group staff etc.

Monday 3rd June 2024 Book here

EFT & Procrastination – Melanie Moore

Monday 15th July 2024

Melanie Moore is an EFT Practitioner and life and mindset coach. She is the founder of the Tapping Into Your Big Vision Members Community and host of the show Tapping With Mel. Procrastination is a common challenge that affects individuals in various aspects of their lives. In this presentation, I will discuss the profound impact of procrastination on our day-to-day lives, its implications for business owners, and its role in hindering personal growth and pursuing dreams. Moreover, I’ll equip you with valuable insights and techniques to help you identify and assist your clients in overcoming procrastination.

Procrastination in Day-to-Day Life: We’ve all experienced the frustration of putting off important tasks or delaying decisions. Procrastination not only wastes valuable time, it also adds unnecessary stress to our daily routines. During this talk, we’ll explore the underlying causes of procrastination and uncover practical EFT techniques to overcome it, empowering you to guide your clients in reclaiming their productivity and peace of mind.

Procrastination in Business: As business owners and entrepreneurs, procrastination can be detrimental to our clients’ success. It can lead to missed opportunities, delayed projects, and increased stress. I’ll share effective strategies specifically tailored to the entrepreneurial mindset, enabling you to recognise procrastination patterns in your clients and provide them with the tools to take decisive action towards their business goals.

Procrastination in Pursuing Dreams: Many of our clients have dreams and aspirations they yearn to achieve. Yet, procrastination often stands as a barrier,
preventing them from taking those crucial steps. During this talk, we’ll explore how EFT can be a powerful tool in helping you identify procrastination issues in your clients and guide them in aligning their energy, focus, and intention with their dreams, empowering them to pursue their desires with unwavering determination.


Monday 15th July 2024 Book here

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