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A FREE online mini-series for 2023

Talk about EFT is a  FREE monthly one hour mini-series where our expert Practitioners discuss the most requested topics from our Mentoring days.

Each presenter is highly experienced in their field and we hope that these sessions will give both practitioners and students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and insight in these important areas.

All sessions run on Zoom from 6 – 7pm. To reserve your FREE place please book below (please note numbers are limited to max 100 attendees).  If you book but can’t make the live session please can you let us know asap as we have waiting lists.

18th April 2023: Outsmarting Your Subconscious Mind with EFT – Eda Hardy

15th May 2023:  EFT and Couples Work – Andy Bryce

5th June 2023:  Tapping for Social Anxiety – Sebastiaan van der Schrier

10th July 2023:  EFT & Fertility – Sarah Holland

7th August 2023:  EFT & Diversity – Thor Rain

11th September 2023:  EFT & Surrogate Tapping – Gwyneth Moss


Outsmarting Your Subconscious Mind with EFT with Eda Hardy

Eda Hardy

Eda Hardy, the founder of Master your Future, is a Subconscious Transformation Coach & Spiritual Ascension Guide. Eda helps Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Empaths master their inner world and energy to align themselves with their soul-aligned purpose so they can scale their businesses quickly.

Eda is also a two times International Best-selling Author, EFT International EFT Master Trainer, Accredited Advanced EFT Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, Past Life Regression Therapist, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master.

Eda will talk about how our outdated subconscious beliefs, fears and traumas hold us back and how to use EFT to overcome these blocks.



EFT and Couples Work – Andy Bryce

Andy Bryce

The first relationship we need to have is with ourselves and then being part of a couple is the next challenge. I have been working with couples and families for over ten years now and I have developed a few insights and techniques along the way. 

The first thing to work on is to lower the emotional reactivity for each of the couple so that they can hear the other rather than their own explosion. 

EFT is excellent for this.

I have four essential ingredients for a successful relationship so I work on upsets and also on setting goals to achieve to improve communication and connection between the partners.

Listening Is a forgotten skill that makes a huge difference when done properly. 

I am a Founding EFT Master Practitioner since 2008 and I have been teaching EFT Internationally since 2003. I began coaching in 1987 and include many skills learned along the way.


Tapping for Social Anxiety – Sebastiaan van der Schrier

Sebastiaan van der Schrier

Seb is a coach who is versed in multiple healing modalities, primarily Intention Tapping. He first discovered self-help when he was 16, which he studied and applied intensely as he struggled with Social Anxiety Disorder. It was only once he discovered EFT that he made significant progress and he now specializes in helping others overcome their social anxiety. 

His goal for his clients is to help them feel safe being their true selves around others so that they can feel comfortable and at ease socially, enjoy connecting with others, and create satisfying social lives. 

Seb is the founder of the Social Confidence Club, an online community providing group coaching and support for people with Social Anxiety. He is also the host of the popular podcast Social Anxiety Solutions and has his own YouTube channel with resources for social anxiety sufferers.

In his free Mini Course ‘The 7 Secrets To Social Confidence’, he explains how Social Anxiety works, how to use EFT to overcome it, shares the inspirational stories of former sufferers, and introduces the Journey towards Social Confidence.


EFT & Fertility – Sarah Holland

Sarah Holland

Sarah Holland has worked in the world of fertility since 2001, which included having her own 9 year fertility and adoption journey that made her a mum to two children..Through supporting hundreds of people, and her own lived experience, Sarah recognised how vitally important it is for the many emotional aspects of fertility to be supported. And of course EFT is the perfect technique! In this workshop Sarah will share how she uses EFT alongside fertility issues, how tapping can lead to positive outcomes, and the important things to remember in sessions with fertility clients. Sarah can be found at, all over social media as Fertile Mindset, and is currently creating a training for practitioners to develop a deep understanding of the fertility experience and greatly enhance the support they offer. 



EFT & Diversity – Thor Rain

Thor Rain

Thor is a Health activist | social entrepreneur | pain and fatigue specialist

For over a decade, Thor has helped thousands of people use First Aid for Feelings to deal with stress, pain, fatigue and anxiety. Having pioneered this approach to aid their own recovery from ME and fibromyalgia, they set up a social enterprise, The Helpful Clinic to share it more widely. Thor has the rare vantage point of belonging to a majority through being white-skinned and a number of minorities through being queer in gender, sexuality and relationships. Thor is originally from Iceland and has lived in the UK for over twenty years which yields an additional insider/outsider perspective.

With over 6.000 clinical hours delivered, EFT is one of the key tools that Thor uses in consultations with patients and clients.


EFT & Surrogate Tapping – Gwyneth Moss

All tapping is surrogate tapping! With engaging stories Gwyneth will explain what she means by that, introduce what surrogate, or distance, tapping is and what it is not, and outline a simple three phase approach. Gwyneth first met Sue and Emma in 2005 in Dallas, Texas when the EFT Masters exam was announced by Gary Craig and they supported each other through the rollercoaster ride of the exam itself, forming a lasting friendship. In 2014 Gwyneth founded the EFT Guild as a community of learning and support for all who love EFT. See and 

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Note: While EFT seems to have supported remarkable changes in many emotional and physical issues to date, it should not be used instead of appropriate medical care. You should always consult your doctor before using any form of self-treatment.
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