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A FREE online mini-series 

Talk about EFT is a  FREE monthly one hour mini-series where our expert Practitioners discuss the most requested topics from our Mentoring days.

Each presenter is highly experienced in their field and we hope that these sessions will give both practitioners and students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and insight in these important areas.

All sessions run on Zoom from 6 – 7pm GMT/BST. To reserve your FREE place please book below (please note numbers are limited to max 100 attendees).  If you book but can’t make the live session please can you let us know asap as we have waiting lists.

9th October 2023:  EFT & Animals – Marie Holliday

6th November 2023:  EFT & Spirituality – Nota Kreiman

4th December 2023:  EFT & Couples Part 2 – Andy Bryce


EFT & Animals – Marie Holliday

Marie Holliday is an EFT Master Trainer of Trainers who lives in Spain and was introduced to EFT over 20 years ago when she had a brain haemorrhage and was left with symptoms the medical world could not help with. She recovered in 2 days with EFT and fast forward she started working with serious illness for many years.

But over 10 years ago received a spiritual message about animals which completely changed her life.

So much so, she stepped down as Training Director & from the Executive Board of AAMET ( ex EFTi) where she devoted the following years to her own research and techniques to help all animals even including a dedicated annual holistic conference for them.

Marie hopes you join her in this fascinating area for all animals including domestic, wildlife and even insects.

Marie holds popular courses for anyone interested in working with animals to accredited Practitioner status or simply helping their own animal companion.





EFT & Spirituality – Nota Kreiman

After working in education, Nota trained in NLP in 1994.  He then studied Personal and Intuitive therapy and became a Reiki Master.  In 2005 he qualified in EFT and this has been at the centre of his practice ever since.

Spirituality:  By spiritual, Nota means anything that stands outside of the confines of a purely material picture of the universe.  This can include psychic phenomenal personal spiritual beliefs and experiences, and traditional religious beliefs and practices.

The Work:  When clients, no matter what their background, come to questions their beliefs, why life is as it is or their deeper past (past life regression/rebirthing) a sense of a larger picture often emerges.  The client may wish to explore this, this about their relationship to this, or how to engage with it.  There are other clients who may have inherited spiritual beliefs and want to quite this realm entirely, or find another place in it.  Spiritual openness combined with EFT’s healing interventions can help create a real sense of arriving and inner peace.

Contact Nota here:  +44 7884 737 826

EFT & Couples Part 2 – Andy Bryce

We will look at the effect that unspoken expectations have on relationships. You enter into a relationship with expectations based on your observations of your parents and other couples. You may not be conscious that you have them until they are triggered. You may also bring past relationships into the current one. Such as, “I’ll never let that happen again”, or “No one will ever do that to me again.”

Another source of expectations is experience with your partner. When you get the same response a few times you begin to avoid certain behaviours or prepare yourself to deal with a now predictable reaction.

Immense pressure is released when a couple accepts each other as they are rather than how they ‘should’ be. Letting go of expectations and accepting each other promotes healthy communication and shortens the list of offences against each other.
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Note: While EFT seems to have supported remarkable changes in many emotional and physical issues to date, it should not be used instead of appropriate medical care. You should always consult your doctor before using any form of self-treatment.
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