Rehana shares her BRICK WALL method for helping clients identify and prioritize their specific underlying events. In her demonstration Rehana combines the EFT Movie Technique with NLP on the client’s issue. The client begins by tapping as they tell the story of their event. They then watch the story unfold on an imaginary screen in black and white.

Rehana uses various NLP strategies such as having the client run their traumatic movie backwards, add music, and visualize the characters in a cartoon all while tapping. This effective combination of tell the story, the movie technique and NLP strategies creates a rich setting for the client – and viewers alike – to deal with painful situations.


  • Brick Walls
  • Isolating Events
  • Going Backwards
  • Using Cartoons
  • Adding Music
  • “As if” Frame
  • EFT and PTSD
  • Body Talk