Healing the Addicted Heart: 5 Stages Online Programme

  • The Addicted Heart is a metaphor for self limitation.
  • Addictions big and small affect us all.
  • Explore revolutionary methods for healing the addicted heart, mind and body through the 5 Stages of Transformation



Adapted from Sue Beer’s ground breaking book, this online audio programme will guide you through the 5 Stages of Transformation, teaching you how to use the Quantum Questions and Exercises to bring about profound change for yourself. You will learn the basic tapping skills you need and how to set up your own Heart Anchor as you are supported through each one of the 5 Stages of Transformation.

This programme will give you the ‘how to’ of healing from addiction. Harnessing the energy of the heart, the 5 Stages of Transformation move us from fear-based survival, to Love-based living. Powerfully practical, profound and life changing.

The Addicted Heart means searching to fill the hole inside, the heart emptiness. We can fix on any thing, any substance, behaviour, person, thinking, emotion: alcohol, anger, approval, caffeine, chocolate, cleaning, control, diets, drugs, food, gambling, gaming, helping, indebtedness, internet, power, relationship, religion, romance, self-harming, sex, shopping, smoking, social media, sugar, tanning, television, therapy…

The type of addiction we settle on is not as important as the subconscious thinking that drives it.

Once we learn how to communicate with our subconscious minds, change is not only possible but inevitable. 

The Quantum Questions and exercises through the 5 Stages have this learning as their aim.

Each Stage represents a level of development, or state of mind and attitude, growth and healing.

  • Stage 1 is where we are immersed in the problem state.
  • Stage 2 is where we address the mess we have created around ourselves and start reclaiming the power we have thrown away.
  • Stage 3 is where we release the traumas that have created our limiting beliefs.
  • Stage 4 is where we face the challenge of taking action in the world in a new way, and
  • Stage 5 is living your life moment by moment with fearless self-acceptance.

Each Stage explores thoroughly the ways in which we get stuck and keep ourselves stuck. There is no one way we get and keep stuck. This series, using the energy of the heart, tapping points, Quantum Questions and exercises will teach you to recognise the truth within the illusion and guide you to your own, unique solution.


Plus Special bonus video:

How to set up the Heart Anchor, and a demonstration of how to use it in a real client session.


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