Free EFT Mini Course Online Programme

The mini course consists of 11 short videos:

  • Introduction to EFT
  • The Set Up
  • The Basic Recipe
  • The EFT 0-10 Evaluation Scale
  • The Tapping Sequence
  • Aspects
  • The 9 Gamut Technique
  • The EFT Movie Technique
  • The Art of Questioning
  • The Personal Peace Process
  • Positive Tapping & Choices
Free EFT Mini Course


Learn how to free yourself from difficult emotions in minutes, wherever you are.

Suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, weight issues, insomnia, or low self-esteem? Emotional freedom can be yours…


EFT (or Emotional Freedom Techniques) is at the forefront of a recent explosion in “energy psychology”. This easy to learn, simple technique has been endorsed by a who’s who of the popular psychology world. Deepak Chopra ,Candace Pert and Bruce Lipton have all given EFT their public approval.

How EFT Works

Simply by tapping on a set routine of acupuncture points, whilst tuning into a certain emotional state, you can transform how you feel. Unwanted emotions and painful past memories can disappear in minutes.

You can use EFT for:

  • – Depression
  • – Weight Loss
  • – Stopping smoking
  • – Stress Management
  • – Confidence Problems
  • – Insomnia
  • – Financial Problems
  • – Physical Pain
  • – Phobias
  • – And much more

In this free introductory course Sue Beer, EFT Founding Master, guides you gently through the process of learning EFT with high quality videos. You will experience for yourself the power of this amazing healing tool.

What is EFT?

EFT is based on the discovery that emotional trauma contributes greatly to disease. Scientific studies have shown that EFT is able to rapidly reduce the emotional impact of memories and incidents that trigger emotional distress. Once the distress is reduced or removed, the body can often rebalance itself, and accelerate healing.

You can make enormous strides by introducing EFT into your self-development process. Instead of taking months or years using conventional “talk therapy,” EFT often does the job for you cleanly and thoroughly in one or two sessions … and we sometimes achieve noticeable results in a few brief rounds of EFT. We label these near-instant results as “one minute wonders.”

Once you have seen how well EFT clears out emotional debris, your next step is to notice how physical ailments start to fade. Headaches, back pains and other discomforts often tend to improve or vanish as emotional issues improve (this is the essence of Mind Body Medicine). Your vision may become clearer and everyday stress may take less toll on your system.

You can apply EFT to just about everything. That is one of the most astonishing things about it. You use the same basic procedure for your fear of public speaking as you do for improving your golf score.

EFT is one of the new Power Therapies, also known as ‘Energy Psychology’ which are developed from the ancient Chinese meridian energy system – it is a form of emotional acupuncture without the needles, and is based on the premise that all negative emotions are the result of a disruption in the body’s energy system.

It works by clearing the blockage or disruption by tapping on the end points of the body’s energy meridians (while thinking of a specific issue) which sends pulses of energy to rebalance the body’s energy system in relation to that thought/specific issue. Shifting energy changes the way the brain processes information about a particular issue, and so tapping while tuned in to the issue is like rewiring or rerouting the brain’s conditioned negative response. EFT also works in the same way to release the limiting thoughts and beliefs that get in the way of your success, happiness, health and inner peace.

EFT is one of the best tools around for dealing with thoughts, feelings and emotions.

About Sue Beer and The EFT Centre

Sue Beer is co-founder of The EFT Centre, with her business partner Emma Roberts. They are two of the first ten practitioners in the world to be awarded the title EFT Master by Gary Craig, the founder of EFT.


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