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EFT4PowerPoint –  a comprehensive EFT training package that covers EFT concepts in a step-by-step format. The format of the slides and the supportive, descriptive, quality photographs present the EFT concept in a clear, simple, easy-to-understand way. Use as is or easily customize. Look prepared and professional in minimal time! Thousands sold around the world to satisfied customers. Now available as a download!

This program is worth 10 times what I paid for it. It’s packed with everything you’ll need and more. To create a PowerPoint presentation that covers all of the salient points in an educational, attention-getting manner requires someone skilled in developing workshop and seminar courseware. If you’re seriously interested in teaching EFT to others, you’ll definitely want to invest in this excellent program.  RON BALL, EFT ZONE

I was blocked at teaching because I did not want to go through the ordeal of creating the PowerPoint presentation. Now I am flying.   HUGS, JOAN KAYLOR

Thank you again for putting so much work in such a great product! There is a special place in heaven for “Time-Savers” such as yourself!   JEAN-MARC ZUCZEK


Ann Adams worked closely with Gary Craig to develop the old workshop guidelines that still guide EFT training worldwide. She was the Director of the past EFT Master’s program. Ann has 40+ years experience in developing and presenting workshops and uses that experience to create a training program to will make your workshop successful and worry free.


  1. EFT Level 1 and 2 Review – Ann’s most popular handout ever with rave reviews from her students. Includes the EFT Flow Chart.
  2. Insider’s Guide to Marketing Your EFT Practice – a $25 VALUE, is an editable pdf workbook with proven marketing concepts you need to establish your own local EFT practice.
  3. Insider’s Guide to Conducting Successful Workshops, a $20 VALUE,  book gives you the knowledge you need to conduct any workshop successfully.
  4. Using EFT with Children – Ann shares her experience working in both an outpatient mental health center and a residential treatment program for children. Transcript from the talk Ann Adams gave on Gary Craig’s Specialty Series. Includes handouts and slides from training she gave in Canada for working with children. She shares many tips and suggestions for effectively working with children. Useful for practitioners and parents.

You’ve studied EFT. You want to share it with others. You have experience using EFT successfully. You want an easy and convenient way to share EFT with others in any type EFT workshop. This package is for you. It has been sold and used successfully by thousands of trainers literally all over the world.

  • All the work is done for you!
  • Get it RIGHT the First Time.
  • Save preparation time and frustration.
  • Version 4.0 has been updated with modern design and high-quality pictures.
  • Use as is, or modify to your preference – it’s easy.
  • Contains useful resource information.
  • Offers samples of all the workshop forms you would need, including sample applications for professional Continuing Education credits.
  • Offers suggestions for experiential exercises to reinforce EFT concepts.
  • Incredibly helpful notes for experienced and beginning trainers as well.

It’s simple to move or rearrange or modify the slides. There are optional slides showing different ways to teach the concepts and other slides covering EFT International requirements and more.

Successful training professionals use PowerPoint presentations. Studies show that the presenter is more credible and the attendees remember more with PowerPoint presentations. Ann is also available to answer questions you may have about how to best use the package. She offers a free 15-minute consultation with the program.

Gary Craig is no longer involved with any workshop guidelines or recommendations. However, when the EFT4PowerPoint was created he was impressed enough to say: “This PowerPoint presentation is an easy step-by-step way to conduct EFT Workshops. It would cost over $3,000 of your time to recreate this quality presentation. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!” – Gary Craig, 2005

In order to teach EFT most effectively, we recommend that you have studied EFT in-depth and preferably taken a class from a qualified trainer.

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