Weight Loss & Self Image Online Programme

  • Imagine finally being free of that chocolate addiction that has been plaguing you for years.
  • What if you didn’t have to have that second helping?
  • How would it feel to love the person you see in the mirror in the morning?


This revolutionary remedy really is at your finger tips!

You will discover how to release stress and food cravings by tapping specific acupressure points on your face and body. It is that easy!
This live workshop teaches you how to apply EFT to lose weight and improve your relationship with yourself and your eating patterns. There is also an easy to follow Workbook included in the set.
This is a complete Weight Loss & Self Image Workshop with EFT Founding Masters Sue Beer and Emma Roberts. It is suitable for anyone who is interested in these areas for themselves, from complete beginner level on, or for practitioners who want to support their work with others.


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