Sometimes accepting ourselves can be difficult. We are often our own worst enemy.  Judy Byrne effectively explores the issues of self-acceptance and personal health. Two often overlooked aspects of the successful EFT practitioner – both self-acceptance and personal health – are imperative to practicing EFT and for living a fulfilling life.

Her well-researched views will provide insight while the many successful audience demonstrations undeniably showcase the value of EFT in moving forward and overcoming hindrances to achieving a better self-perspective. Judy gives an insightful presentation and a series of audience demonstrations. You can tap along to this helpful video and explore your own level of self-acceptance and personal health.

  • Biology of Belief
  • Coherence
  • Personal Peace
  • Heart Rhythm
  • Slow Tapping
  • Am I Valued
  • Sea of Sadness
  • I am So Angry