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  • EFT4PowerPoint –  a comprehensive EFT training package that covers EFT concepts in a step-by-step format. The format of the slides and the supportive, descriptive, quality photographs present the EFT concept in a clear, simple, easy-to-understand way. Use as is or easily customize. Look prepared and professional in minimal time! Thousands sold around the world to satisfied customers. Now available as a download! This program is worth 10 times what I paid for it. It’s packed with everything you’ll need and more. To create a PowerPoint presentation that covers all of the salient points in an educational, attention-getting manner requires someone skilled in developing workshop and seminar courseware. If you’re seriously interested in teaching EFT to others, you’ll definitely want to invest in this excellent program.  RON BALL, EFT ZONE I was blocked at teaching because I did not want to go through the ordeal of creating the PowerPoint presentation. Now I am flying.   HUGS, JOAN KAYLOR Thank you again for putting so much work in such a great product! There is a special place in heaven for “Time-Savers” such as yourself!   JEAN-MARC ZUCZEK
  •   Addictive behavior can be more than challenging to address! There is a high drop out rate and lower follow through rates with people with a wide variety of addictive behaviors. This package shows you how to use EFT more efficiently and increase client satisfaction. These skillful presentations and demonstrations are helpful at all EFT levels.




  •   Take your practice to a higher level.  Soak in the knowledge of twenty-nine highly experienced and successful EFT practitioners as they discuss their philosophy and perspectives. Watch multiple demonstrations as they use their refined skills with clients presenting a variety of issues. Professionally videoed and edited.
    • The Addicted Heart is a metaphor for self limitation.
    • Addictions big and small affect us all.
    • Explore revolutionary methods for healing the addicted heart, mind and body through the 5 Stages of Transformation
  • Key Features
    • Training Support – learn when and how to skillfully use Tearless Trauma, Movie and Telling the Story Techniques.
    • Learn to use key questions to get to core issues.
    • Borrowing Benefits – work on your self the easy way by tapping along with real clients in live sessions.
  • The mini course consists of 11 short videos:

    • Introduction to EFT
    • The Set Up
    • The Basic Recipe
    • The EFT 0-10 Evaluation Scale
    • The Tapping Sequence
    • Aspects
    • The 9 Gamut Technique
    • The EFT Movie Technique
    • The Art of Questioning
    • The Personal Peace Process
    • Positive Tapping & Choices
    Free EFT Mini Course
    • Imagine finally being free of that chocolate addiction that has been plaguing you for years.
    • What if you didn't have to have that second helping?
    • How would it feel to love the person you see in the mirror in the morning?
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