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EFT Training

Looking for support and resources for your EFT Training? Whether you are an experienced Practitioner or just starting, we have 5 Video sets and 1 Audio set in one place. You can find what you are looking for right here! Browse our list of our most popular EFT courses and workshops and sign up for the one that’s right for you today.

Intro to EFT

A free course of short videos will take you from the basics to more advanced applications for anxiety, smoking, sleep or food issues, and much more. Also a great recap for more experienced practitioners – and to give to clients for support between sessions.

EFT for Weight Loss and Self Image

Join Sue Beer, Emma Roberts, and a group of students for this filmed 1 day workshop. Shows the tapping basics from the start to applying to cravings, dealing with limiting beliefs around weight and self image, and creating the Future You. Workbook included.

EFT in Action

A complete teaching set consisting of 5 introductory teaching videos and 8 Modules showing full length client sessions with explanations of the approaches used and feedback. Each module shows a one-to-one session with Sue or Emma, working with clients on a variety of issues, from physical pain to chronic depression. Observe these masterful practitioners’ use of key questions to get to core issues, combining elegance, humour and rapport to demonstrate the therapeutic power of EFT in action.

Healing the Addicted Heart Audios

For anyone struggling with addiction, from drugs or alcohol to relationships or social media – the companion audio set to Sue Beer’s groundbreaking book Healing the Addicted Heart: 5 Stages of Transformation. These audio recordings will guide you through the 5 Stages of Transformation, teaching you how to use the Quantum Questions and Exercises to bring about profound change for yourself. You will learn the basic tapping skills you need and how to set up your Heart Anchor as you are supported through each of the 5 Stages of Transformation.

This programme will give you the ‘how to’ of healing from addiction. Harnessing the energy of the heart, the 5 Stages of Transformation move us from fear-based survival to Love-based living. Powerfully practical, profound, and life changing. Also included is a bonus video: How to Set Up the Heart Anchor

Healing the Addicted Heart

EFT Master Training Videos

A timeless library of videos from each of the 29 EFT Founding Masters.

Immediately useful information, helpful tips, and dynamic demonstrations from the EFT Masters as they share their knowledge and experience. You can watch demonstrations as they model using EFT with various issues.

Increase your EFT knowledge by learning from some of the best. Watch unique and often creative presentations on various topics and uses of EFT. Each video also allows you to tap along with the demonstrations.

Professionally filmed at the EFT MASTER SHOWCASES and skillfully edited

Healing the Cycle of Addictions

This programme is unique in the EFT field. Each minute is filled with meaningful information and experts’ skilful management of multiple complex issues. Increase your knowledge of Addictions and managing addictive behaviour. Healing the Cycle of Addiction programme is a useful addition to your EFT learning library.

Watch skilled Presentations and Demonstrations by 4 addictions experts with a combined 80 years’ experience. An addiction can be to any substance or behaviour you feel compelled to eat, drink, take, have, or do. If you have – or work with people who have – cravings or other addictive behaviours, this programme can jump start your understanding of why it happens and what to do about it.

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