‘The IET diploma was one of the best things I have ever done. Don’t hesitate to book onto it. I wish I had done it much sooner. Personally it is life changing and professionally it has transformed my practice. My new level of skill, understanding and confidence has had an outstanding impact on my clients. I am hugely grateful to Emma and Sue’s for sharing their knowledge, skill and experience. I would highly recommend this course.’ Nicole Drummond

“I want to thank you both so much from the depths of my soul for the journey we have taken together. I have learned so much (and am still processing very much). I have so much gratitude for the work you put out into the world, and the work I am yet to share.” Corinne Dennis

“Thank you, Emma and Sue for your guiding, teaching and creating such an exciting sense of potential. “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” (Mary Oliver) Well, The IET Diploma is a very good start!” Valerie Page

“Thanks to both you and Emma for a wonderful Module 3 and IET course. What a wonderful and enriching process!!” James Arnoldi

“Just a note to say hello to Emma and thank her for all her help with my tooth extraction and subsequent fillings.  I have managed to use the EFT techniques for several minor complaints since and have even taught it to a couple of other people who were amazed at the results.” Alison Williams

“I want to add my note of thanks to you both for your light touch in steering us all toward the goal we all had but weren’t sure how to reach. And also for continuing to reassure us all that we had learned and only to let it flow…. despite our conscious minds’ playing old, out of date, tunes and causing all manner of unnecessary stress. That in itself is a meaningful learning to take away from the experience.  Totally grateful.” Alma Tesoriere

“Thank you so much for the course, it was absolutely fantastic. Both of you have a wonderful easy going attitude and the ambiance was great which made it fun and easy to learn.” Andrea Lowe

“Emma, a beautiful job working with stuckness.  A lovely piece of client centred work.” Ann Adams, Dallas Masterclass

“Emma, you used the EFT techniques very well, including constant checking in with your client.  Gentleness, connectedness, grounding all really seemed to be there.  You introduced some nice reframes that landed.” Ann Adams, EFT Masters Training

“Hi Emma and Sue, thank you so much for tonight’s workshop, and for suggesting that I worked with you Emma.  I am so pleased to have moved out of the stuckness, thank you.  I feel as if I have reconnected to a big part of myself, and to everyone around me!  What a geat decision to come to your group!”  “Sadly, I think the hat is going back…wrong pink…Anyway, less need for the retail therapy now!  I feel very fortunate to have selected you as my trainers/guides and look forward to more exciting times ahead for all connected with The EFT Centre!”  Annie Campbell

Thank you for a great EFT weekend, it worked so well online, it was the first time I used zoom and was really impressed how you were able to organise the break out rooms etc and delivery the course.”   Recent Zoom class participant

“Emma and Sue,  I heard many many superlative things about the Masterclass.  My gratitude to you both for all your efforts.” Gary Craig, EFT Founder

“Emma, very nice.  Your metaphor of the time line was excellent.  Chasing the Pain was superbly done.  You kept checking in with your client.  Very impressive.  Great job!” Gary Craig, EFT Founder, EFT Masters Training

“Dear Sue and Emma – I’m writing to say thanks for the course at the weekend – you give really good workshops. I enjoyed it, the time flew by, and it was great to meet so many other EFTers and I am still buzzing. I got so much out of the course on so many levels that I’m still processing it – and will be for a while I think. I got to deal with a lot of my own issues, working with some great people. And the three way session was a course in itself. Since I started doing EFT I have introduced it to quite a few people (anyone who would listen, basically) showed them how to tap and how to use it as a self help tool. I feel a lot more confident now about doing it as a therapist, giving a treatment.” Isabel Thomson

“The EFT Angels of London!” Julie-Anne Mullen

“Thank you, Emma and Sue, for working so hard, being so truthful to your passion.  You gathered such a wonderful group.  I just feel lucky, privileged and happy for being part of it.  I close my eyes and I see you all with your beautiful smiles on your supporting faces, or with tears in your eyes …. always always connected to love.. I still feel the hugs and words of love and encouragement and I still smile when I remember our funny memories and jokes.  Thank you to you all…”  Luzmira Zerpa

“Thank you both for giving me a new way of looking at life, and the opportunity to add so much goodwill in my immediate environment and provide others that I come into contact with with new skills.  One month on and still a smoke free zone!!” Monica Farr

“Emma, thank you for that demonstration.  You showed slow, meticulous work and I learned so much from watching you.” Participant, Dallas Masterclass

“Many thanks for yesterdays Level 1 training. Great atmosphere, learning – and people! Certainly the right choice for me!” Phil Read

“What a wonderful classroom journey we have had…For me personally it is lovely to once again (after many years of working in isolation) to be part of such a loving, inspiring, supportive therapeutic community.  I just feel as if I have ”dropped’ into this whole new World.  I know in my heart that it was ABSOLUTELY the right thing to do the training with you both and at THIS time (after all the timings being out of sync)…the energy of this particular group is just PERFECT for me.  Never before have i been on a training where the rapport has been unanimous.  In the past it has varied but you seem to have energetically attracted the right (no right or wrong of course but you know what I mean) people who would recieve and share the maximum support and learning and, therefore, greatest benefit from one another under your wise, brilliant and skillful teaching. 

With lots of love to you both..you are SO living and working your life mission!’” Rob Boylan

“What a journey!  For me personally, the course (IET Diploma) fulfilled everything and more and you were so right when you said “it will all come together, your unconscious mind knows”.  At times it was challenging but your method of teaching made learning easy and most importantly, a pleasure.” Sally Knight

“I hadn’t heard of EFT until I met Sue and Emma through training as a clinical hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. I was inspired by their expertise and empathic approach of working with clients and the changes they helped people to make – and their course came highly recommended by the college I was training with and previous participants. I looked into EFT and training in my area as attending the course would involve a 500 mile trip! I decided on the EFT Centre training and it was definitely the right decision. The training is to an extremely high standard delivered in an supportive and enjoyable way and Emma and Sue are an inspiration! The training has added a whole new dimension to the way I work with clients allowing me to help a wider range of people to make change, and personally it has been of great benefit. I have used the techniques on myself and continue to find it an invaluable self-development tool. My continued training with Emma and Sue is worth every mile travelled! I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who wants to make a difference in their or others’ lives.”  Sarah Marshall

“I found Sue and Emma to be very open, with an excellent ability to work with a group yet not lose the feeling they are working with you. The training is put over in an easy to understand format without losing any of the technical information.  I personally feel their recent qualification to Master level is well deserved and a definite compliment to their overall skill level.  I am pleased to have been trained by them and will continue my studies in EFT under their guidance.” Shar-Ka-Tana

“Hi Sue and Emma, I know it’s been a really long time since we finished the course(!) and I have been meaning to write.  I have needed quite some time to get back into regular life:)  I just wanted to thank you both, sincerely again for a wonderful experience doing the IET Diploma training with you. You are two very talented and gifted teachers and therapists and it was a privilege to work with you.  I have gained so much from it and going through the process of the training and the personal work is a turning point in my life, I know.  I have met and worked with such wonderful people and made some new friends.  I feel a little like there is a void where my old life used to be and I am eagerly waiting to see what emerges from that void and what will transpire for me from here on in.  Best of all, I now have the confidence that I previously lacked to go out and do this work, and share these wonderful techniques with people who can benefit.” Sharon Douglas

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Note: While EFT seems to have supported remarkable changes in many emotional and physical issues to date, it should not be used instead of appropriate medical care. You should always consult your doctor before using any form of self-treatment.
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