July 8, 2023

EFT for Lifestages – a therapist’s guide


EFT is a valuable tool during the turbulence of puberty, both for the child and its carers.  Children are generally very receptive to EFT and like the concept of doing something for themselves which works.

EFT can be used to support the emotional rollercoaster of puberty, the highs and lows, the feelings about body image, peer group pressures and much much more.

Puberty is a vital period in the development of self worth and self esteem and working with EFT to clear the negative blocks/thoughts/experiences that lead to this is both rewarding and valuable.

Puberty is often a time when eating disorders start.  Issues around body image, peer group pressure, media etc are at the fore and EFT is a way in which to clear these destructive influences and therefore negate many of the negative self beliefs that are formed at this time.

EFT is also a valuable tool for dealing with the pressures of exams and the anxieties these can create.  The child learns to use the technique for themselves to reduce the nerves in situ, as well as beforehand.

Leaving Home

The anxieties about leaving home, whether to go to university or to start work away, can be very debilitating.

Using a combination of EFT and hypnotherapy it is possible to work to clear these fears and anxieties that may hold one back.  The work is solution-orientated and forward focussed and helps the individual to create the future of their dreams, live the life they want, not think they ‘should’ have.


Hypnotherapy and EFT are a very useful combination of skills when working with pregnancy.  From the early days of morning sickness to the birth itself they assist the mother to have a healthy pregnancy and, in most cases, an easy natural birth.

Using a combination of visualisation techniques and tapping, releasing any fears or negative beliefs around childbirth, past experiences etc, and teaching natural pain relief, the expectant mother is helped to access powerful inner resources to manage both her pregnancy and labour easily.  Hypnotherapy is also beneficial in facilitating post partum healing.

Where possible, the birth partner will be taught the skills too in order to support the labour process.

Hypnotherapy and EFT can be useful in looking at any fears/anxieties that may be present about lifechanges, motherhood etc, and relationship issues in this area.


Hypnotherapy and EFT are important in supporting the physical and emotional changes of menopause.  Menopause can be a frightening time, and can also come with a lot of grief.  Hormone levels fluctuate and one can feel depressed and out of control.

Hypnotherapy and EFT both focus on moving through menopause smoothly, taking the controls back and maintaining a positive outlook on life.  Energy is often depleted and unbalanced during this time and tapping with EFT on a regular basis, preferably as part of a daily routine, helps to rebalance the energy system and help it deal with the new demands of the body.

There are often many beliefs connected with menopause, hand-me downs from our parents, the inevitability of the ageing process. EFT and hypnotherapy work towards changing these beliefs and creating a new approach to the later years.

Emma Roberts

www.theeftcentre.com  theeftcentre@googlemail.com

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