Business and Coaching Services: How we can help your organisation

We are fortunate to have been involved in training graduates in the art of delivery and mastery of EFT for over a decade.

From this perspective EFT comes into its own – graduates report their results have increased dramatically through having a simple tool which often works in a matter of moments to banish their clients’ limiting beliefs and self sabotaging behaviours.

These coaches are using EFT to get rapid results in areas such as performance anxiety, increasing motivation, improving productivity, enhancing creativity, overcoming selling blocks, and personal development: a real breakthrough in the coaching and mentoring environment.

Based on this success we have developed an intensive one day professional training. It provides corporate and personal coaches (of every persuasion) with a skillset which, frankly, supercharges everything else they will have learnt through experience as well as training. Usually our courses are held at a beautiful venue close to Central London, or we can arrange courses at your own premises.

This training is also suitable to be adapted to provide an EFT module to other therapies, complementary and holistic methods: eg counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, NLP, nursing, social work. Please contact us to discuss options suitable for your organisation or possibilities for forming a strategic partnership.

Corporate Workshops and Seminars:

Promising new ways to deal with stress in the work place.

Stress robs us off our health, motivation and personal effectiveness. It may be the greatest obstacle that stands in the way of personal and professional achievement. And we have highly effective, fun solutions for you.

The following are examples of two hour seminars:

Stress Busters! Revolutionary ways to reduce stress at your finger tips. We teach you a simple technique which really works.

Fear Busters! A mind-blowing on site workshop for a group of people wanting to overcome a fear or phobia which impacts on their work performance. Presentation anxiety, for instance, or a fear of flying.

One Day Seminars and Interactive Workshops:

The Heart of Selling

NOT more skills training! Unique methods to improve any person’s sales performance and enjoyment. That means top class performers can become even better and even more consistent, while newcomers or underconfident performers can improve dramatically.

Cultivating Charisma

We invite you to be seen and known as an exquisitely effective communicator and manager – someone who walks the talk and generates vitality just by your presence.

Please contact us by Tel: + 44 20 8348 5305 or email to discuss the options for your business or organisation.